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Technical Data

  • SP5 Spectral Hybrid CLSM
  • Microscope stage: Leica DMI 6000 CS (invers)
  • CLSM Ser.No.: 5100000148
  • Available Lasers:
  1. Diode-Laser 405nm ('violet') 50mW, Coherent (Power Supply 100-240V 405nm Coherent COH405)
  2. Ar-Laser 458, 476, 488, 496, 514nm 100mW, Lasos LGK 7872 ML05 SP5 (Power Supply Ar-Laser Lasos LGN 4000 SP5)
  3. DPSS-Laser 561nm 10mW, Lasos YLK6110T
  4. HeNe-Laser 633nm 10mW, Lasos LGK 7654 (Power Supply 24V HeNe 633nm Lasos LGK 7654)
  5. NeNe-Laser 594 nm
  • The free LAS-AF-Lite software for the SP5 can be downloaded from the Facility for Imaging by Light Microscopy (London), at the free software for image analysis and visualisation pages. There are also further links to SP5 compatible software (ImageJ, CellProfiler, Leica software, Improvision volocity 'lite' - you need to register, nice 3D features).
  • The Hybrid detector combines functional elements used in PMTs and APDs (Avalanche Photo Diode). The photoelectrons created at the Gallium-Arsenide-Phosphide (GaAsP) photocathode are accelerated in a strong electrical field, passing an electron bombardment and an avalanche element. The HyDs have less noise and higher sensitivity. They can amplify weak signals and are therefore usable for dim samples.
  • last service was in May 2013